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  • Rachel DiNunzio

What to do BEFORE your book is created!

Believe me friend, I know that you are super eager to get started building that book of yours! However creating a book means that you are embarking on starting a business (so exciting!) and there is a whole lot that needs to be done to make sure that all of your energy and efforts are working toward making that business a successful endeavor! Planning for your business is a lot like planning for a trip, we need to have details worked out ahead of time so that we can have smooth travels.

There is a right way to go about making a picture book. I’ve been through it all and want to give you a step-by-step process to make your book creation experience a smooth as possible!

Start by downloading the the What To Do BEFORE Your Book is Created worksheet!

No matter your intended outcome, if you are going to pursue a publisher, agent, self publish, any which way you go about it you need to get some ducks in line now that will allow you to handle the needs of your business when your product is ready for the public.

This worksheet is to help to give you a kick start and start walking the path toward creating a marketable product that people actually want to buy. Imagine that!

Below is a list that contains the preliminary actions that we need to consider before the creation of the product itself… after which of course we will talk about executing the marketing, promotion, sales, distribution, and financial management of it all. Not to worry, we are going to work together step by step to knock your project out of the park.


’ve outlined our plan in five phases below. Most people try to just jump in head-first, directly to Phase #2: Product Creation, however you are not most people. Jumping directly into the product creation phase is a lot like jumping into an intense workout like MMA fighting without any practice let alone stretching or a quick warm up. You’d survive, but it wouldn’t be fun : )

Learn more by listing to the Podcast here!

Happy book creating, friends!

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